Opening Gala
13/06 • 9 pm, CCB

The Strong Man, Henryk Szaro1929, Pol, 77 min

+ Pink Freudoriginal composition & live musical accompaniment

This psycho-thriller about a man tormented by greed is one of the central films of the Polish silent era. A free adaptation of a story by Homo Sapiens’ author Stanislaw Przybyszewski, this expressive exploration of the dark side of the human mind was considered lost after the Second World War, until it was reclaimed from the vaults of the Royal Belgian Film Archive in 1997. The musical irreverence of Polish jazz ‘monsters’ Pink Freud will poise perfectly with the film’s unique narrative style. Formed in Gdansk in 1998, Pink Freud draw greatly from a broad sonic spectrum, constantly creating new approaches to music.


Partnership: Polish Embassy in Portugal