14/6 • 9.30 pm, São Jorge

The Kreutzer Sonata, Gustav Machatý1927, Cz, 95 min

+ Pavel Fajtoriginal composition & live musical accompaniment

with Maria do Mar and Maria Radich

In a rare screen adaptation of the homonymous novel by Leo Tolstoy about the limits of sexuality, love and perversion, this film tells the story of a man driven by extreme jealousy and revenge in the wake of hearing his wife perform Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata on the piano together with her lover. The emotional narrative is enhanced by Pavel Fajt’s excellent musical accompaniment. A major figure of Czech jazz, Fajt has, throughout his career, continuously flouted the formal limits between rock and improvised music to create an unmistakably individual sound. The musical intuition of Maria do Mar and Maria Radich, who join Fajt for this performance, helps to create a unique event.


Partnership: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Portugal