15/6 • 9.30 pm, São Jorge

Performance: Expanded Cinema with Adriana Vila and Luis Macías (Crater Lab)2016, Spa, 50 min

+ Q&A session

Adriana Vila and Luis Macías formed Crater Lab in 2010 and, at the time, defined their practice around the recycling and expansion of audiovisual film formats. Immersed in the random-like history of expanded cinema, Vila and Macías explore the performative potential of film to create works between the cinema and the happening which, although scripted, still leave room for improvisation and chance. Their performances work like experiments in audiovisual hypnosis, pointing back to early, pre and proto-cinema, and the sensory impact of optical illusions and toys. This session will be an encounter with a seldom seen Avantgarde facet of contemporary Spanish culture, and it will also rank as a unique opportunity to hear the work of a Portuguese sound artist, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, who has chosen Spain to live and work. The perfect illustration of a dynamic cultural partnership that spans the two countries. Duration: 75 min.

Partnership: the Cervantes Institute