17/6 • 6 pm, São Jorge

Fragments of Dziga Vertov Concert Lisbon College of Music (Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa) + University of Coimbra

For several years now, the students from the degree in Design and Multimedia at the University of Coimbra have been creating short videos that describe, by way of moving images, the soundtracks of relevant films in the history of the cinema. These works comprise animated scores, where music, sound design and sounds recorded directly from the films are given a visual dimension detached from the original motion picture. This year, the project has been raised to a higher level, with an assignment to compose a score for the imagined soundtrack of the film Man with a Movie Camera, by Dziga Vertov (1929). A late ‘classic’ of the silent era, Vertov’s masterpiece is one of the most famous experimental films in the history of the cinema and an avant-garde work that reclaims for moving image an artistic dimension independent from sound. In this event, Underscore_ aims to bring what creative effort the Coimbra students have attained to the general public, by interpreting their scores live. With the aim of championing a partnership between the two institutions, the festival has invited the students from the Mixed Music Laboratory of the Lisbon College of Music to interpret and perform these animated scores, developing a soundtrack mediated by a multidisciplinary creation.