Music labs
14/6 •
10 am – 5 pm, São Jorge

Expanded Cinema with Adriana Vila and Luis Macías (Crater Lab)

Description: the concept is to create, through vigorous experimentation, optical sound and image 16mm ‘film loops’ for a multiscreen audiovisual projection: a genuine sound and image recycling and collaging group effort. This one-of-a-kind project will stay on display after the workshop, for the enjoyment of the general public.


Crater Lab is a collective of sound and image creation and improvisation focused on expanded cinema, cine-installation and cine-performance projects. Starting from the research of experimental audiovisual narratives, their work employs film formats such as Super 8, 8mm and 16mm to create performative and ephemeral acts that rely on improvisation and direct interaction with the public. Their performances and installations have been held and exhibited in many spaces and events across the world, such as the Caracas Museum of Fine Arts, the MAM Salvador Museum of Modern Art, the Río Teatro Caribe in Caracas, the ONG Organización Nelson Garrido in Caracas, the OFF LOOP Barcelona festival, the San Fransisco Artists’ Television Access, the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles and the Millennium Film Workshop in New York.


Luis Macías is an artist, filmmaker and recycler of sound and images. An educator specialised in experimental cinema, his 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film projects are conceived as film performances or expanded cinema events. Macías’ artistic research focuses on two distinct dimensions: the physical recycling of film footage and the reinvention of new relations between moving images.


Adriana Vila is an anthropologist and filmmaker. She has been showing her work in art spaces and cinemas, using Super 8 and 16mm projectors. Vila has collaborated with avant-garde musicians in live concerts, and devised projections that range from the presentation of documentaries to cine-essays and film and video installations. Her portfolio also includes ethnographic works that feature a strong self-reflective dimension, based on such overarching concerns as identity, memory and representation.


Admission €40 with Certificate
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