Music labs
16/6 • 7 pm, Cinemateca

CESEM: To Ponder Music — An Open Dialogue

Breaking down the university’s formal walls to bring the dynamism of research to the streets, making it accessible to all. CESEM is the Sociology and Musical Aesthetics Research Centre of the New University of Lisbon. The challenge for this event stems from a strong consciousness of how often the work of researchers remains confined in a narrow space with limited access. With this in mind, the idea is to break barriers, widen discussion and create a dialogue between academics and the general public, opening up a space for reflection around the topics of music and the moving image. Academic research shared and debated democratically with everyone who wishes to take part, in the centre of Lisbon. Duration: 90 min.

PulsarsA film by Isabel Pires, 2017, Pt
+ Isabel PiresElectro-acoustic music, 2013
AsperityAn animated film Tom Jobbins, Melanie Hasemore e Rowena Hornshaw, 2007, Uk
+ Bruno GabirroComposition and interpretation (viola)
I Believe That, TooAn animated film by Luís Alegre, 2007, Pt
+ Rui Pereira JorgeElectro-acoustic music
Terras InterioresA film by Eduardo Brito, 2013, Ptl
+ Carlos MarecosComposition
+ Joana GamaInterpretation (piano)

Free event